Wizard World Chicago 2017


Wizard World Chicago took place from August 24-27 in Rosemont, IL.

Cassiana Pozzi, Editor-in-chief

      Around this time last year I was heading to Chicago to attend my second comic convention where I would talk to the late actress Carrie Fisher and see other amazing celebrities and cosplayers. Fast forward to this year and I found myself doing the exact same thing.

      Wizard World Chicago is a comic convention that takes place at Donald E. Stephens convention center in Rosemont, IL. It is a huge four day event for fans of Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Disney and many other entertainment and comic related medias. There’s celebrities present for photo ops and autographs, panels, contests, vendors with merchandise for all fans, an abundance of different arts for sale, real life props and cars from featured films and a lot of cosplayers, who are people that create and dress up in costumes/outfits from movies, shows, and books. I got to be among this excitement for Saturday and Sunday and had the privilege to meet one of my favorite actresses.

     On Saturday, my friends and I had gotten to the convention a little later than when it had opened, which was at ten, and started the day off in the exhibit halls browsing all of the dealer’s’ tables. Saturday was also the day that I was cosplaying as Wonder Woman, but I wasn’t just wearing her usual armor, I had also been wearing a t-shirt that said “ask me about my feminist agenda.” The shirt is really popular in fan arts and other comic books for female characters to wear so I thought it would be different to bring a Wonder Woman one to life. After walking around a bit and taking a few breaks, I had to get in line for my photo op with Doctor Who actress, Jenna Coleman. Finally after waiting in a long line and making some new friends who stood next to me, it was finally my turn to meet her. And because I was in my Wonder Woman outfit I had an idea for her to wear my crown. She held it for a minute before deciding that I had to wear it because I was Wonder Woman. We took the picture and Coleman said she loved my outfit and that it was an amazing idea, which definitely made my day. Then it was to the convention center’s lobby area to meet cosplayers and take pictures. I had gotten to meet my friend from last year’s Wizard World and another friend I had met previously at other conventions as well, all while posing for a few photographers. Even though it was a long, overwhelming day, my friend and I were determined to have even more fun the next day.

     So Sunday rolls around, my friend and I have new outfits on and we are heading to Rosemont again. To say the least, the last day was by far the best. We had started the morning in exhibit halls once again, buying things we probably didn’t need, and even getting the opportunity to take a picture on the Iron Throne, which is from the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. I had bought Funko Pops, posters of original art, magnets, and other small items. After we had done our browsing, we got to spend more time on the convention floor which is where we took a lot of photos, including a photo shoot with a cosplay photographer. But the best part of the day was when kids would come up to my friend and I ask for pictures. Most of the day was spent meeting other cosplayers and taking group pictures, which was a really fun way of spending the last day. The convention was coming to an end, it was almost four o’clock, so we decided to take one more walk around the vendors. The funniest thing that happened was my friend and I were looking at stuffed animals, while being almost alone in the exhibit hall, and the vendor worker came up to us and told us that we can take whatever item we wanted.

     We left Wizard World Chicago with a million pictures, great memories, and a free stuffed animal. This convention is, by far, the best one to attend and having the opportunity to go again this year was amazing. Can’t wait for 2018.