What to watch


Burke Cochran, Editorials Editor

Ever randomly scrolling through the endless assortment TV shows and movies on netflix, with no idea what to watch?

This is an issue a lot of people face – there are just too many shows to pick one to watch.

Because of this, several North students have shared their favorite TV shows.

Bridget Harris (‘18) says that her favorite TV show is The Big Bang Theory, a sitcom focused on the lives of a friend group that may be great at quantum physics and other science, but is not the best at even basic social situations.

“It’s a really funny show,” says Harris, “also I relate to how awkward of a human being Sheldon can be.”

That ‘70s show is Salvatore Galluzzo’s (‘19) favorite show.

“It is awesome because the well rounded cast makes the show feel like the main characters could be your own friend group,” says Galluzzo. 

Leah Hoffman (‘18) likes The Office, a sitcom where people work together in, well, an office.

“It’s funny and a great way to unwind,” says Hoffman.

Grey’s Anatomy is the Emily Meegan’s (‘18) show of choice. This show features a team of medical staff that work together in a hospital, and has won over 20 awards

“I love all of the drama that happens in every episode! The show is so interesting and it changes everything up so often that it’s always something new,” says Meegan.

Matthew Arzuaga (‘20) likes Archer (not to be confused with the TV show with the superheroes, Arrow.) “It’s on Netflix and it’s hilarious,” says Arzuaga.

Get on netflix and start watching!