The first week is always the hardest

The first week is always the hardest

Sofi Zeman, Features Editor

Summer is over. Here we all are, back under the prison-like, fluorescent lit halls of Belvidere North High School.  The first few days are fine. Friends who act as if they hadn’t seen each other all summer are finally reunited. Students find their new teachers, sitting through syllabus related lecture after syllabus related lecture. Everyone is filled with false assurance that this school year will be a walk in the park. And then, reality sets in.

     The school year always starts with a shorter week than usual. We attend class for two, maybe three days. Those few days give us time to ease into the school year. But after the fastest weekend in record history, we are thrown into the deep end: Monday. School wide, students and staff tear out of their summertime highs, going back into the usual routine of their everyday lives. Wake up. Go to school. Sports. Homework. Repeat. To some, this sounds terrible, monotonous even. In a town like Belvidere, that is exactly correct.

     Yes, the first week of school was a rough one. No one was truly ready for their summers to end.  In the past week we’ve had evacuation drills and solar eclipses. After all of that, the excitement continues with the return of Friday night football and Homecoming just around the corner. Fall is here with sweater weather and apple flavored donuts and bonfires to keep us warm. All of this is going on and we should be excited. We should be looking forward to what this year has to offer. And yet, everyone’s motivation is at an all time low.

     After staying up until 3AM every night this summer, it’s hard to get yourself back onto a normal sleep schedule. Even harder is having the willpower to drag yourself out of bed the following morning to go to class. But, the impossible becomes possible when you find yourself out of bed, sitting through an 8AM class, trying to pay attention and keep from dozing off simultaneously. On days like this, Energy is this mysterious phenomenon, entirely unknown to mankind. The entire afternoon passes at an alarmingly molasses-like speed. By the time it’s over, you’re left with an inconceivable amount of homework on a topic that you have no knowledge over and no intention of doing.

     Whether it’s their first-first week of high school or their last-first week of high school, the presence of senioritis is showcased by members of the entire student body. In the first full, actual week of school, teachers start handing out assignments other than questionnaires regarding “fun facts” about us. The academic aspect of the year finally kicks in to the dismay of all. We’re sent home with our few hours of homework, getting assignments done and studying for that quiz tomorrow morning just to be safe. But, because it’s easy to do, and because most of us don’t have our lives together like a good student should, that’s not exactly how it works. This point in the year is when school work is the easiest. Everyone has a clean slate for the semester, starting at 100%. Introductory courses are being taught to ease us into our expected workload. It’s not difficult to keep up. But, we still manage. Very few are really motivated to get all of their work done and fully focus in the classroom. As a result, people’s grades have already begun to suffer. Summer’s passed but it’s not easy to let go of our carefree days.