DACA Repeal


Cindy Oyervides, Editor

     On Tuesday, President Trump announced the repeal of the DACA, a program that former President Barack Obama created through executive order. This program’s main purpose was to allow the children of illegal immigrants to remain in the country. There are several conditions to this program such as being in the country before 2007, being under the age of 16 when they arrived and not having a criminal record. Every two years, about 800,000 people have to renew their DACA because if they don’t, they risk being sent back to a country they have not been to since childhood.

     Dreamers is the name given to these people that once came here with their parents as children. This name came from a program around 2001 that was supposed to give children that came here illegally permanent legal residency, but D.R.E.A.M.(Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) never passed through congress. DACA has been protecting these people since 2012, but that’s all going to change because Trump had attorney general Jeff Sessions deliver the shocking news that they would no longer be welcome in this country.

     The announcement that President Trump had someone else deliver the news caused loads of controversy on both sides. Some people were very happy about this while many others were absolutely devastated for these people that have only known America.

     “I think his repeal of the DACA program is wrong…these children had absolutely no say in whether or not they came to America,” said Priscila Chavez(19’).

     Although Dreamers still have until October 5th to request renewal, the renewal will only last another two years. This means that Dreamers will be sent back to a country they don’t know. An estimated 91% of Dreamers currently have jobs and have built a life here for themselves and for their future generations however it will all be gone in just two years.

     “What Trump is doing is so cruel because all these people have been here all their life and are suddenly being tossed out,” said Kayla Polo(18’).

     The life of Dreamers is going to be over soon in America and they will have to return back to countries such a Mexico. El Salvador, Guatemala, and many others. Trump believes that this is the best thing for America and hopes that it will help create a better life for its citizens. DACA and its Dreamers will be forced to start a life somewhere else besides America.