Homecoming Dress Shops

Homecoming Dress Shops

Hayley Redner, Reporter

With Homecoming right around the corner, girls are searching everywhere for the perfect dress. This article will give you a list of some of the best places to get the perfect dress.

   If you are on a budget and looking for something on the cheaper side, stores like David’s Bridal, Windsor, and Tiger Lily are all local and affordable shops.

    David’s Bridal has cute, in style dresses that are mostly under $150, with the coupon in our main office you have the potential to get $30 off your purchase as well. David’s Bridal is located in Rockford, near Chipotle.

   Windsor is in the mall and has a variety of dresses as well. Ranging in price and style, Windsor also sells dresses from $70 to $200. This is a good local store to go to if you want to keep your dress simple.

    Tiger Lily is also located in mall and has a variety of dresses. From classy to flashy, Tiger Lily has all sorts of styles to fit anyone’s idea of perfect.

    With those being local stores, there are stores that are further away that are a little pricier. Stores such as Gipper, Gipper Outlet and Peaches, are all near Chicago.

    Gipper and Gipper Outlet are both stores to consider. With a wide variety of dresses, Gipper has many different name brands. “I’ve gotten my prom and homecoming dresses from Gipper almost every year, they never let me down” said Taylor Ferguson (‘18). It is on the pricier side but Gipper Outlet has past year styles at a lower price. Both of these locations have amazing inventory.

    Peaches is in Chicago and carries name brand dresses such as Sherri Hill, MacDuggal, Rachel Allen, etc.. A trip to Peaches will leave you speechless as you walk into the store knowing what you want and you leave with the perfect dress in hand. I got my homecoming dress from Peaches last year and it was so cute, you can definitely find one you love with all the styles they have” said Grace Kahler (‘18).

     All in all, there are many locations to get a Homecoming dress. Make your 2017 Homecoming one for the books and get your idea of the ‘perfect’ dress.