Hurricane Irma is one of three


Lily Bakulski, Reporter

The tiny Northern Caribbean Islands were struck by Hurricane Irma on the morning of Wednesday, September 6. This hurricane has been recorded as one of the strongest storms to ever form in the Atlantic.

Maximum sustained winds of a category 5 hurricane is 157 miles per hour, but Irma’s winds have been well over that, reaching 185 miles per hour at the core. On Wednesday night, Irma slammed Puerto Rico after it killed at least three people on the Caribbean Islands. Officials told Leyla Santiago that there were rescues because of flooding, but no immediate rescues that had injuries.

Residents had been preparing for the hurricane Wednesday morning. They were prepping their homes, gathering food, belongings, and needed supplies. There are three current hurricanes in the Atlantic. Irma is one of three and the last time this happened was in 2010.

Two people have died so far on the islands of St. Barts and St. Martin Annick Girardin, the French Overseas Affair Minister, stated. In Barbuda, an infant died, where well over half of the structures there were destroyed. Irma is maintaining intensity longer than any storm in Atlantic basin history.

Far southeast of Irma, Hurricane Jose has been developing and now is considered a strong storm as well. In the Gulf of Mexico, Katia became a hurricane as well. Irma is being tracked and is said to hit Florida’s east coast, but no one knows for sure whether it will make its way to the US mainland. Forecasters are warning that the core of Irma could still hit the Eastern side of the Florida Peninsula. Governor Rick Scott stated that Floridians should try and evacuate. He also stated that “A storm surge could cover your house. We can rebuild homes. . . we cannot rebuild your family.”

A man who lives on the largest of the British Virgin Islands stated that the wind blew out the windows of his home. He said that he was holding his body against the door trying to keep it shut, while he and his family were protecting themselves in the bathroom. “Everything is blown out. Everything is gone,” he told CNN by phone near Road Town.