Homecoming Proposals


Hannah Konkler, Reporter

Homecoming is a big event at the school for all students. It is a fun time with all of your friends. Most people would say that the most stressful part of homecoming is finding a dress and getting all the plans set, but sometimes finding a date and getting asked may be the most stressful part.

There are various different ways that people get asked. Sometimes it is simply just a text, or sometimes it is a big elaborate thing. People may get candy, flowers, balloons, etc. Being asked may come as a surprise to some, but others may know. Also some people may go with their friend, their boyfriend or girlfriend, or a big group of friends. One possible homecoming proposal example is, “I could not bear to go to homecoming without you”, and the person asking is holding a giant stuffed animal bear. No matter how it is done, most people get asked in order to attend the dance.

“I think getting asked to a dance is one of the most exciting things of the whole homecoming experience. I especially love it when it comes as a surprise to me, and when I can tell the guy put a lot of thought into the idea,” said Taylor Ferguson (‘18).

One controversy that people face around homecoming time is whether or not the boy or the girl should ask. Traditionally, the boys ask the girls, but sometimes the girls will ask.

“I don’t think it really matters if the boy or the girl asks someone to a dance. Either way they are still going together and will have a good time,” said Jovy Lazzerini (‘18).

With homecoming right around the corner, there is a lot of excitement going on in the school. Homecoming proposals are happening already, with many more to come. This year, homecoming will hopefully be a good time to remember.