‘It’ movie revival


Natalie Abramat

  The highly anticipated movie renewal of It is sweeping across the nation as it opens in theatres September 7. Although many people would rather skip this thriller movie in exchange for another, there aren’t any new movies becoming as hyped up as this one.

     It tells the story of neighborhood kids trying to solve the disappearances of other children in the town by trying to stop an evil clown called Pennywise, who has a history of violent crimes and murder.  Based upon Stephen King’s hit horror book, the new revival is bound to bring some serious attention to either Stephen King’s books or thriller movies in general. Despite the movie being remade, It was also made into a mini series in the 90’s following along the characters in the story having to fight the evil shapeshifting clown in their adult years. The mini series ended up with a positive review and won a Primetime Emmy and other awards as well. Many people are glad and called the reboot a rare instance in which it lived up to its expectations, giving the audience the original taste without going over the top.

     “I hope It is scarier than the original movie. It seems like they have a good base for the movie and they did a good job in the first with the casting of Tim Curry as Pennywise. I hope the new cast can really deliver and sell themselves to the audience, said Darby Dempsey (19’).

     If horror movies aren’t a good choice or are too scary, there are also other films to check out at the theaters including Reese Witherspoon’s Home Again, and the drama featurette 9/11 including Charlie Sheen and Whoopi Goldberg.

     Many people are still indecisive of whether they should see it or not. The decision is made based on whether or not a person could handle scary movies well.

     “I would totally go and see it, but i’m terrified of clowns so it’s going to be a no for me and a 10/10 for pure scariness,” stated Maddie Wendt (19).

     Whatever the case may be, there will be plenty of movies in the future to follow along in the steps of It. Even though horror movies aren’t always like one another, they do get one point across, and that is to scare the living daylight out of whoever had the guts to buy a ticket and get through the movie without crying or peeing their pants completely.