Welcome to Belvidere


Sofi Zeman, Features Editor

In a small town like Belvidere, not a lot happens. It’s a simple town, founded in the 1830s that no one outside the area really knows about. But, even in a small town like Belvidere, there’s plenty of room for a little friendly competition.

     Our cross-town rivalry with Belvidere High School began in 2007. When there wasn’t enough room in one school for all of the students in town, the district added Belvidere North into the mix. Every possible form of competition, whether it be through the arts, athletics, or academics has become even more competitive when these two schools are involved.

     “It makes competing a little more exciting when Belvidere is participating. Both teams want to prove they’re the better school in town,” said Bonnie Konopka (‘19).

     While North students want to believe they’re superior, our wins and losses against Belvidere have gone back and forth in the last ten years.

     One of the most popular Belvidere vs Belvidere events of the school year is the cross town football game. Tonight, Belvidere High School will host a parade for all fall high school athletes in town. Belvidere North will participate as a way to unite the whole town and all fall athletes. Immediately after, the rivalry resumes as the Blue Thunder attempts to regain the cross town title from the Belvidere Bucs.

     But at the end of the night, when the stands are empty and the stadium lights shut off, regardless of victory or loss, all of Belvidere will have had a memorable night. And that’s the thing about rivalries- they tend to bring people together. Belvidere is a small town, divided even smaller by two schools. But when they’re brought together, a little excitement comes out of a town of monotony. It’s nights like tonight that make up the spirit of Belvidere Illinois.