Cross Town Game

Cross Town Game

Hunter Dixon, Reporter

This upcoming Friday on September 8th is the Belvidere vs Belvidere North game, the biggest cross town game of the year. Both schools have been looking forward to this game since the first practice of the summer.  This is the game that everyone attends both students, parents, and staff.

Before the game there is an athlete parade were both schools athletes walk the track of the school. This gives all the athletes the chance to be in one place together. All of the athletes get there at 6 to walk the track. The coaches are able to recognize some of their best athletes and all of their team accomplishments as individuals and as a team.

For the football team this is their most exciting game of the year. Last year we lost the game 34-24, but the team thinks that it’s there turn this year. “I think that our preparation for this game has been the best so far, we have had a great week of practice and i hope we can carry it over to the cross town game this Friday! I think that we will be able to come out with a clean sweep this year,” said Jackson Kirane (‘19).

Another player Callahan Diercks the quarterback for the team believes that the team has also been working hard for this game. “The cross town game is really important so we have been working hard this whole week. I know that if we play good we should beat Belvidere,” said Callahan Diercks (‘18).

North can beat against our cross town team. This is a must win game for both teams which makes it a key match-up early in the season. Next week North plays against  Auburn at North.