You’re safe grinding at North

Youre safe grinding at North

Burk Cochran, Editorials Editor

Three strikes and you’re out, it’s like baseball, but with grinding… and at homecoming.

Rumors are spreading around North about a possibility that at Homecoming this year there will be wristbands to stop people from grinding.

This rumor comes because at other schools in the area, they have been policing students from grinding. Students would be given a wristband upon entrance and then they would get a stamp on it when caught grinding. If caught again, they would be kicked out of the dance.

“The grinding kids do at homecoming is gross, it shouldn’t be at a school sponsored event,” says Nick Goymerac (‘19).

“It’s a student’s choice whether or not they want to grind at Homecoming, I don’t think the school should care about it,” says Estelle Brady (‘19).

The North View investigative team talked to the teachers running homecoming, Ms. Amy Klein and Mrs. Martha Rathbun. The two had heard the rumors, but they were unable to support the prospect of it happening.

Klein and Rathbun have not planned any such thing, so the actuality of this happening is very unlikely.

However, there is a caveat. Klein said that, while unlikely, the school could have planned something like this without their knowledge.

In all likelihood, North students will probably be able to enjoy their close-quarters gyrating at Homecoming this year.