Do you act differently online?


Mariana Cardoso, Reporter

      Have you ever noticed that being online changes your personality or the way you interact with people? Anyone has internet access at this age in time. It’s become such a common part of everyone’s day to check Instagram or Twitter. Social Media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. helps share and express who you are to anyone all over the world.

     Having social media can be fun but also a very dangerous thing. You are exposed to anyone and can easily become a target. Cyberbullying is one of the top dangers for teens right now. People can hide behind their screen and critic every single thing you do. That why it’s best to educate yourself and make sure you’re being kind and not hurtful online.

     Being behind a screen can sometimes be beneficial as well. You get more freedom to be yourself and make friends.

     “When I’m online I can be more myself or more outgoing than I am in real life because people don’t actually have to meet me. It causes less judgement and lets me get to know people personally. In person I’m too shy to talk to people so I usually just keep my space,” said Priscila Chavez (‘19).

     Being on social media exposes you to the outside world where people just like you can be in reach to you. People with common interests can reach you and you can make wonderful friends. Most of my friendships are online with people that I’ve met at concerts or events.

     People not being able to know how awkward and shy you are at first glance, delays them possibly judging you. I think getting to know someone first then meeting them is better. People agree that being behind a screen lets you be more outgoing.

     “Things I do differently online than in person is being more outspoken, usually initiating conversations with others or just being a lot more friendly to people online. Social media is one of the places you can make a lot of friends,” said Yesenia Vizguerra (’20).

     The online world is like its own individual place I can act differently than when I’m either with my parents or best friend. In real life you have to deal with social etiquette and other social rule, online you can be honest and your true self.