College Dreams


Hannah Cunningham

As many freshmen enter their first year of highschool, many have the idea their four years of high school passing by slower than their previous years. By the time the twenty one months of high school are over with you are expected to know what you are doing for the rest of your life and where you are going to start your career at.

As a sophomore you should begin to get an idea if you want to go into a college, what you want your career to be, and if you are going to play a spot or not. If you decide if you are going to pursue a sport in college you will have to decide what division you want to enter. With division one being the most competitive and Division three being the least, you are allowed to pick which one fits you best.

Before you start to eliminate schools one of the most important decisions is what you want to pursue in your future career. Deciding what you are majoring in will help you significantly in the process of narrowing down schools.

As an upperclassmen when you start to make a list of your schools and your top picks, it will become less overwhelming and exciting your are getting closer to your decision. On the other hand, many students have other worries during the school year, taking placement test such as ACT and SAT. Taking these test will help you place into a college you are hoping to get into.

As a current senior Kaylee Parsons(‘18) is looking to enter college and play soccer. ¨ As I enter college at Minnesota State University Moorhead, and major in special education I hope to have a job at an elementary level to help special needs children.¨

In addition, senior Jessica Lillibridge(´18) will be attending Iowa State University and excited for her next four years. ¨I am excited for the next chapter in my life and to start my career.¨

As many seniors are still figuring out where they want to go, many already have goals they are working towards to have a successful career.