Homecoming week fun


Lily Bakulski, Reporter

Homecoming  week, the week where students and teachers come as one to celebrate the most anticipated week of the year. Students deck themselves out in each theme that is designated for each day of the week. School spirit comes alive and students enjoy school, awaiting the night they get to dress up, eat dinner and dance the night away.

     “I am always looking forward to homecoming, the day summer ends and school starts. I get to see all my friend and I am able to just kick back and have fun,” stated Jacob Leutscher (‘19).

Monday, September 18, 2017. This day was the day where students and teachers could wake up five minutes before they had to leave for school. Blue Crew calls it Pajama Day, students call it off day. Fuzzy pajama pants, footie pajamas and slippers is what walked the halls on that lazy Monday morning.

     “I rolled out of bed and what I wore to bed was what I wore to school. I did not have to get ready at all and I could just leave knowing that it still felt like home while I was learning at school,” stated Lola Beary (‘20).

Tuesday, September 19, 2017. Each class was given a color to represent. On this day, colors clashed and a war began. Freshman represented pink, sophomores green, juniors blue, and seniors wore togas. All classes had numerous students wearing their colors and the school was full of it. Seniors were recognized right away when seen because of their crazy togas. Some wore bed sheets and others wore sequence material. Some sparkled and others shined. The class of ‘18 picture was also taken on Tuesday out on the football field. Each senior class gets this photo taken to remember all who graduated.

     “I love being a senior. I cannot wait to graduate and enjoy my life somewhere other than here,” says Jacob Bowen (‘18).

Wednesday, September 20, 2017. Jersey day. The school was filled with many different teams including the Chicago Cubs, the Chicago White Sox, and the Chicago Blackhawks. Most of the school was a Chicago fan of some sort.

     “I love being a Chicago fan. The atmosphere of Chicago really makes me happier and can always put a smile on my face. The fans are amazing and always cheer on their teams no matter who is winning or losing,” stated Lexy Lipscomb (‘20). It was also a good day for some Powderpuff games. Freshman vs. Sophomores and Juniors vs. Seniors was the match up. Sophomores ended up beating the Freshman  12-0 and the Seniors beat the Juniors 8-6.

     “Beating the freshmen gives everyone such joy. They are the babies of the school, but they put up a fight and did their best. I enjoy being able to play with my best friends and to make memories that will last a lifetime,” stated Rachel Nelson (‘20).

Thursday, September 21, 2017. Taking it back to the decades before many of the students were born, students and staff enjoyed dressing up as rockstars, hippies and 80s girls. Girls like Kaci Tomman (‘20) and Anna Hornick (‘20) dressed up as ladies of the 80s. Jean skirts and rock shirts were the style back then and they came dressed up just like that. Many other girls also had their hair tied back in scrunchies with curls in their hair.

     “This was by far my most favorite day of the week. I really enjoyed bringing back clothing worn from the 80s that I wish was still worn today,” says Kaci Tomman (‘20).

Friday, September 22, 2017. As homecoming day was approaching, kids were getting more and more excited. On Friday, it was ‘show your school spirit’ day. Students and staff showed up representing Belvidere North by wearing red, blue and gold. The classes were also getting the banners ready to show off at the Pep Assembly. .

Saturday, September 23, 2017. Homecoming dance. Girls woke up and rushed to the hair salons and nail salons to get ready for the night. Groups of students attended pictures and dinner together, so they could make memories as one. Once dinner ended, students made their way to school to start dancing the night away.