Marilyn Manson Gets Crushed At Concert


Cindy Oyervides, Editor

      On Oct. 30, long time musician Marilyn Manson was crushed during one of his performances of a well known cover for “Sweet Dreams(Are Made Of This)” by Eurythmics. Two large stage gun props fell on top of him and left him unable to get up. The 48 year old was in New York when the event took place and was rushed to the hospital on a stretcher after it happened.

     Manson is on tour for his newest album, Heaven Upside Down and was just on his third show when the incident took place. Shows from Oct. 2 through Oct. 14 have been cancelled and will be rescheduled soon. When the accident took place, it was near the end of the set but Manson still had to cut the show short as a result of the accident. The event scared fans and there wasn’t any news about how he was doing for several days. Four days ago, Manson posted a picture on his instagram of himself with the caption: “SAY10 Is Alive & Well On Planet Earth…”, finally letting fans know that he was in fact doing fine.

     Video footage was posted online the night of the accident and loads of people have seen it, each person reacting differently.

     “I’m glad he made it out safely and that the accident didn’t result in us losing a legend,” said Emily Wendlandt(18’).

     In the video we see Manson attempt to climb where the prop guns were hung while he continues singing. Then the prop begins to fall over and crushes him. Crew members begin rushing over to help him and the video ends.

     The day before, Manson broke his ankle during his set. Just yesterday days after the incident in New York, he released the music video for his song called “SAY10”; the music video features the popular actor and Manson’s long time friend Johnny Depp. A teaser was released for the music video months back which showed him ripping out pages of the bible and also showed what appeared to be a headless trump-like figure. The music video that was released yesterday didn’t feature any of that and the entire concept for the video was moved in a new direction.

     Manson will be continuing his tour very soon and with the album now out, will be performing songs from Heaven Upside Down for the first time. More music videos are sure to be released now that the album is out. Tickets for any of the dates for The Heaven Upside Down Tour 2017 can be found at along with merchandise and links to his social media.