What do your teachers do over the summer?


Hannah Cunningham

Many of us students are too worried what we are going to do to fill our holiday breaks with. But, have you ever wondered what your fellow teachers are doing? As many of us think they take the whole summer to plan for the upcoming school year, but that isn’t all they do to spend their summer days.

On the other hand, teachers want to fill their summer up with fun and exciting activities just like us students. As students need a long summer break to recharge, so do teachers. Most teachers take the summer to recharge, organize their classroom, coach summer sports, find small jobs, attend meetings to prepare for the upcoming school year, continue their education in a teaching major or minor, update their lesson plans, find new activities and last but not least, enjoy their summer with their families and friends.

Mrs. Torbert, a teacher in the English department has a very busy summer to follow her very busy school year.

“Over the summer my favorite thing to do is travel, volunteer at camp One Step, spend time with my family, and prepare for the upcoming school year,” said Mrs. Torbert.

Along with Mrs. Torbert Mrs. Krider also has a very busy and exciting summer with her family and friends.

“My summers usually consist of traveling with my students overseas and taking small trips with my husband and kids. Also, to get ready for the school year I go over all the scales and lesson plans to make notes and switch things around for the school year,” said Mrs. Krider.

Mr. Fry the assistant principal is also busy year round with school and family activities.

“One of my favorite things to do is spend time with my family and kids. We like to go fishing, got to the zoo and visit family in Wisconsin and Minnesota. The school year never stops for me, I am always keeping up with school policies and researching on new strategies for teachers and students,” said Mr. Fry.

As many teachers are trying to spend their break having fun with their friends and family, the school year never stops and they are always looking for ways to improve methods of teaching and interacting with their students.