North Improv team


Natalie Abramat, News Editor

The Belvidere North Improv team has been tough at work making nonsense into reality. The troupe held auditions last month and received eight new members this year. The Improv team was formed merely ten years ago and has been steady ever since. The team focuses on a form called short form. Short form mostly consists of short, fast paced games to keep the audience on their toes. Long form is rarely touched upon, but is sometimes performed in the troupe. Last year the Improv troupe was able to perform with Chicago Improv and Belvidere High School. The collaboration was a big step, and aided Belvidere in starting their own troupe. In the future, Belvidere North and Belvidere High School hopes to get together once more and perform a show together. They were also able to attend workshops in Batavia along with other high schools to work with professionals and showcase their skills. 

     The new members of the team however will need to learn quick and be able to snap into any situation if they are to remain hilarious and silly. Occasionally they have practices with the one who created the team and is now gone professional. 

     “Sometimes I forget my line but then I remember I don’t have lines and I can say what I want. That’s one of the reasons why I love improv,” declared McKenna Mosher (‘18).

     Improv isn’t always about being funny, as many people have thought. Improv may have an element of hilarity to it, but it focuses on creating a scene and connecting with the audience as well is key. The scenes may not always work out to the best of their abilities, but they don’t have to since they are improvising. In the audition process, students were asked to tell a story through gibberish. Their emotions and ways they told the story gave their character a sense of reality, as we tried to understand what the heck they were saying.

     “Doing the process I was a little nervous since I had never done improv before. But, when I was added to the improv remind group chat, I stood up from my chair and screamed with joy,” said Bridget Bunt (‘21).

The shows captivate the audience is a whirlwind of emotions and complete confusion sometimes, but no matter the outcome, Improv will always be random and that’s why it is truly great; Not one show will ever be the same.