Homecoming opinions


Hayley Redner, Reporter

   Belvidere North’s Homecoming was a night to remember for some. There were many opinions following the dance and not all positive. Some students say the dance was very eventful and they enjoyed it, while others’ disagree. This year North’s administration was walking around on the dance floor telling dates to stop dancing “provocatively” and some were even kicked out. Rumors went around about wrist bands being used to control the dancing but instead students were just asked to leave.

     Another issue was the long wait to get breathalyzed. After you showed the faculty your ID and got into the dance, you had to wait in a line down the guidance hallway to pick cards to see if you were going to be randomly breathalyzed. If the student picked a red card they got breathalyzed, but if the card was black you got to go straight into the dance. The process was long and students were scattered throughout the hallways waiting for their dates.

      Bella Kehrer (‘18) says, “If the student got into the line my opinion is that they obviously weren’t drinking. They got the chance to walk out instead of being breathalyzed and given consequences. I think it was all a waste of time. There weren’t major issues with drinking at past homecomings.”

      Some parents believe the students should be breathalyzed to be in a safe environment and good decisions be made.

     Complaints were made about many changes this year, even small issues like the music choices and the lighting in the cafeteria. Although homecoming was different, people still had the option to make it a good time. Some students are saying they’re never going to a school dance again while others can’t wait until prom or next years homecoming.