Improving Prom

Improving Prom

Hayley Redner, Reporter

    Not everyone loves a typical school dance, but there are definitely ways to improve North’s dances for majority to enjoy them. Last years prom had many complaints involving music variety and the wait for food. Prom doesn’t typically have as many complaints as homecoming, but there are always ways to improve school related events.

   This past year there was an incident where one table wasn’t served their food and they sat at their table waiting while everyone else was already finished eating and beginning to dance. Hannah Johnson (‘18) said, “We waited over an hour for everyone else to get their food and when I complained I got yelled at by faculty in front of everyone on the dance floor.” To solve this issue, the food could be prepared before the students attending the dance arrive and they get served right away. This way everyone attending the dance is finished at the same time and this eliminates any drama.

    Furthermore, another related issue would be the music. It is understood that not everyone has the same taste in music but a wide variety of different genres of music could please everyone. In order to solve this complaint, students could get together and create a playlist. Some music played at past dances is beyond out dated and hard to have fun while listening to it. Music should be upbeat and easy to dance to, not boring and having most kids wanting to go back to their table to sit there or leave.

    Many are skipping out on any future dances due to the breathalyzing at this years homecoming because the process was so long. Students complained about waiting in the hallways for their dates to get through the long lines to pick a card and be breathalyzed. If this is what faculty decides to do for prom also less students will attend.

   Rumors also spread about students having to wear wrist bands and if they danced too inappropriately they got their wrist bands cut and got kicked out of the dance. Grace Kahler (‘18) said, “I know some of the people at the dances dance inappropriately but I disagree with taking things to that extreme, a simple warning is enough and if they don’t stop then proceed to kicking them out, but I think it’s a waste of time and effort to create wrist bands. This just ruins the fun of school dances.” If these changes are made, majority of the student body is likely to attend this years prom.