Happy Death Day Review


Cindy Oyervides, Editor

      Last Friday, Happy Death Day finally hit theaters and managed to bring in over $26 million. The movie focused on Tree, a college student that is living in a nightmare on an endless cycle. Her day will repeat for several days and on each day, a killer will murder her in a different way each time.

      The movie started off like this: she wakes up to a call from her dad about her birthday in a dorm room and doesn’t recall the events that took place the night before. She gets dressed, has an awkward encounter with a guy that lives in the dorm and leaves. Tree runs into several people once she leaves and looks very worn out. She makes it back to her sorority house and her friend Danielle confronts her, asking her where she’s been and who she was with. Tree heads upstairs to her room and her roommate Lori surprises her with a cupcake. When Tree heads to a party, she is followed by a masked figure and is killed.

     Tree wakes up freaked out, confused and panicked. The morning starts the same again; she wakes up to a call from her dad and from there, the basic story line is repeated. This element of the movie is what made Happy Death Day really different from other horror movies. It focused on her death and how it happened each time, but kept the basis of the story line the same.

      “The movie looks a lot like Before I Fall; the story line of that movie is a lot like Happy Death Day,” said Priscila Chavez(19’).

     The murderer isn’t revealed until the end, but with every new cause of death comes a new set of hints and tricks used by Tree to figure out who keeps killing her.

     Tree’s killer wears a mask to hide their face so that Tree doesn’t know who they are. Each time she is killed, the killer is dressed the same and doesn’t ever say a word. As the movie progresses, Tree asks for help as she attempts to figure out why someone would want to kill her.

     “Although I haven’t seen the movie yet, the trailer made it seem really interesting. I thought it was smart how she went about trying to figure out who her killer was,” said Kayla Polo(18’).

      The movie makes the audience believe the killer could be several people and hints to who the killer is as little as possible so that figuring out who it is isn’t easy.

     Right at the end of the movie, there’s a part that frustrates the viewer’s because it’s misleading. This part really threw everyone off because it doesn’t happen often in horror movies. Happy Death Day is a movie that is very much like other horror movies but puts a new spin on the common horror movie stereotypes.