Senior year so Far


Hunter Dixon

Senior year is already quickly coming to an end for some of us. Some of us are excited to start our future, and others are sad to leave high school behind. This year is a year for lasts, last football game at our school, last time going to a volleyball game, last year to be in high school with all your friends.

Many seniors have already started looking into colleges. There are also a few students who are choosing to go into the military instead of going to school.

Amanda Lawson (‘18) said, “I plan to go into the Air Force after high school. I am really excited to go through the whole experience. Although it will be tough, I know it will be so worth it. It’s going to be hard not going to a college or seeing my friends, but I know that this is a choice I want to make for the long run.”

Some of the hardest things to leave behind for some students are events like powder puff, homecoming, prom, and sporting events. The senior girls ended powderpuff this year with a win. It was a good time for most, but also sad because they realized that was their last game ever. Also, homecoming has been a big event for all four years that seniors have been at this school. They got to dress up and take pictures one last time. There are sports still going on, but some have already finished like golf and tennis. For athletes, the hardest part about graduating may be leaving behind their sport that they have worked at for four years.

Olivia Sawyer (‘18) said, “When you’re a freshman and people say enjoy every moment of high school because it goes by fast, they weren’t kidding. At the time four years seemed like a long time, but now that I’m a senior I have seen that it really isn’t. Time really does fly by.”

Luckily though, it is not even half way through the school year yet. The seniors still have winter sports, spring sports, and prom. There is still time to make so many memories that will last forever.