Netflix’s “new arrivals”

Netflixs new arrivals

Camille Spencer, Reporter

Netflix, an entertainment company that some people love to have, while others prefer “Hulu”, “Amazon”, “Hbo” etc. Well recently, Netflix has upped their game by introducing new shows such as “Big Mouth”, and “Riverdale”.
“Big Mouth” premiered on Netflix on September 29, 2017. The show is considered an “adult animated” tv show. It revolves around a group of friends that have to endure the wonders and horrors of puberty. The creators of “Big Mouth”, are Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett. So, how did they come up with such a show? Well, Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg wanted to display their life during their “tweenage years” growing up in the suburbs of New York City. Kroll even voices his fictional character for the show. Diamond Mason (‘20) said,
“I think the show is interesting but it’s also a little weird but definitely a good,funny show.”
There is only one season of Big Mouth so far, but according to the directors and creators, a second season will be in the making soon.
A completely different storyline and tv show is “Riverdale”, which was also crazed about when season one finally became available to watch on Netflix. The first season was put out on May 19, 2017. “Riverdale” was created by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. The show portrays “Archies Comics” which were popular from the late 1940’s up until the 1990’s. The main character is Archie Andrews, who is starting school with weight on his shoulders. He decides he wants to pursue a career in the music business but was left without a mentor once his music teacher moved out of the picture. Archie believes that things might turn out better once the new girl, Veronica Lodge, arrives. Amongst everything that goes on, the mystery of the tragic death of Jason Blossom, the twin of the trouble maker, Cheryl, lingers in the character’s presence. Mercedes Torrez (‘18) said,
“I love Riverdale. The show leaves me on the edge of my seat, that’s why i can’t wait for the rest of season two to come out on Netflix.”
Season two of “Riverdale” is already available for streaming on Netflix. Instead of dropping all the episodes of one season at once though, Netflix will be putting the episodes up week by week.
Netflix definitely seems to be upping their game with adding new shows that interest viewers.