California wildfires leave thousands devastated


October 8, 2017 marked the start of the terrible wildfires that have destroyed cities and counties of California. There have been dozens of fires reported and most have been contained. Nobody really knows the cause of all this destruction, but there are conspiracies that many people have started to believe.

The wildfires started on Sunday night and continue to burn in California. 15 fires have been reported and they are said to have burned 217,000 acres of land and more than 5,700 houses and other buildings. As those numbers continue to rise, 11,000 firefighters from California and neighboring states are trying to alleviate the fires and save as many people they can. “The devastation is just unbelievable, is a horror that no one could have imagined,” stated Governor Jerry Brown.

The death tolls have risen to at least 42 over the past week and 88 people have been reported in Sonoma County alone. 75 cell towers have been destroyed which has left many people without service to contact their closest loved ones. Thousands have been forced out of their homes and some hope to return to their destroyed homes to see what has survived. Fatality lists grow day by day and more people are left with nothing.

Health officials are warning people to be very cautious when rummaging through all the debris because it can be very toxic. Health official Dr. Karen Relucio stated that “The ash and debris is very toxic. You have lots of chemicals and paint and plastic burned down.” She also strongly suggested not to move any large debris because it will all release toxins.

No one knows the exact reason on how the wildfires, but many people are saying that it was the Mexican Drug Cartels. The areas hit hardest by the fires were located on the same property where California’s drug industry legally grows cannabis. They are now starting to suspect foul play. Wildfire season usually occurs during December and January, not October, which also leads people to believe that these fires started because of someone’s wrong doings.

Although damage has said to exceed $3 billion, hope is on the way. Forecasters have stated that rain is on the way and knowing this has lifted the spirits of thousands. This rain could help firefighters contain the burning and destruction and it would allow California to get back to rebuilding faster.

“The devastation is just unbelievable, is a horror that no one could have imagined,” stated Governor Jerry Brown.