1922 Movie Overview


Cindy Oyervides, Editor

      Based on the novella written by Stephen King, 1922 is now a Netflix original movie that was released several days ago on Netflix. The movie is about a man that plans to murder his wife in order to keep the land that is hers. He manages to convince his son that aiding in the killing of his mother is the only way for him and his father to continue their rural way of life.

      In the beginning, Wilfred James is writing down his story on paper. He begins explaining everything and as the movie continues, the effect the murder has on him increases. We see the relationship between him and his wife become more and more tense. He begins thinking horribly about her and eventually decides to resolve an issue by murdering her. The 1922 movie really captures that classic Stephen King element that is found within every piece of his work.

      “I like how Stephen King always manages to create spooky movies and books,” said Priscila Chavez(19’).

      Early in the movie, Arlette-Wilfred’s wife-tells him that she plans on moving into town and selling the land off so that she may start her own dress shop. This angers Wilfred and when she tells him that she intends to take their son Henry with her, he only becomes more furious. These things are what sets him off; from here, he decides that he will tell Henry his plan. He manages to convince Henry that killing his mother is the only way for them to continue their life as it is.

      Henry becomes cursed from committing this act and his fate is already sealed the moment he helps kill his mother. Wilfred never bothers to consider any of the possible consequences of killing Arlette or takes a second to think about how it could impact Henry. Wilfred never would’ve known that after killing Arlette he’d be haunted by his dead wife and a pact of mice that never leave his thoughts. Arlette comes to Wilfred and tells him things any living person would not know and this terrifies him and makes him feel as if he’s finally lost it.

      Wilfred’s conniving side came out when he started thinking about taking Arlette’s life over a piece of land. He has to figure out how to dispose of her body without leaving behind any traces of her that could lead someone to uncover what really happened. Wilfred comes up with a story about Arlette that makes complete sense and he even manages to think about possible questions people might have. He comes up with answers to any type of question relating to her so when the officer pays them a visit, he is beyond prepared.

      1922 shows how far some people will go to claim things that they think belong to them so that they may gain something from it. Without any hesitation, we see a husband and son take the life of a woman that was supposed to mean the world to both of them all so that they could remain living life the same. Wilfred goes to extensive lengths to cover up the murder and even tricks Arlette into thinking him and his son want to go with her so that she doesn’t suspect anything. In the end, the things Wilfred has to deal with following the murder outweigh what he thought he would’ve had if he killed his wife.