Hollywood’s disturbing secrets


Priscila Chavez, Reporter

The 14 year old actor and star of  IT and Stranger Things Finn Wolfhard leaves APA Agency a week after the accusations of Tyler Grasham after he has been accused of sexual assault on Friday October 20. He was also fired by Wolfhard along with APA following the many accusations towards him especially since almost all his clients he worked with were kids.

     “I absolutely respect the way Finn Wolfhard approached the situation. Unfortunately, sexual assault is a major issue today; by Finn firing his agent Tyler Grasham, he’s acting as a great role model to discourage sexual assault. If one person makes initiative, others will follow the same path,” said Maya Moucharrafie (19’).

      One man came forward, Blaise Godbe Lipman-a 28 year old- and said that Grasham had given alcohol when he was around 17 and sexually assaulted him in Grasham’s apartment to talk about “business.” He also said that Grasham harassed him and spread rumors about him in order to ruin his career. He mentioned this and much more in a letter he shared with the public on Facebook on Oct. 16. Then another victim saw the story about Lipman, Lucas Ozarowski, a 27 year old and decided to come forward and said Grasham tried to get him drunk in his home to take advantage of him. Two more other men also said they had a similar experience with Grasham. Jordan Gavaris, a 28 year old also accused the agent of sexual abuse and claims that Grasham threatened his acting career if “he didn’t join his roster.” Then 19 year old Brady Lindsey says that when he was 16 Grasham contacted him on Instagram and asked to be his boyfriend.

     “I think it’s pretty scary especially because Finn is a well known child actor today and Hollywood is starting to show the things actresses and young actors are going through,” said Joselyne Garcia (19’).

     Hollywood pedophilia means young actors being taken advantage of by people the young actors work with, whether it’s a producer or agents like Tyler Grasham’s case. Most people may not know this but Hollywood pedophilia happens quite a lot but everyone in the business never seems to talk about it and usually avoids it.

    It has come out that American film producer, Harvey Weinstein a big movie producer has reportedly assaulted, harassed and possibly raped many women in Hollywood. There was an audio clip that got released of Weinstein being very forceful and trying to get a woman to come inside his hotel room. After the unidentified female nicely says she doesn’t want to, he tells her “no come in here, I won’t do a thing” and says he wants her to just sit with him and to not embarrass him in the hotel since she she kept denying his offer.

     The director Woody Allen also seems to be on list of trying to take advantage of people. Even people like his own adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow. She was assaulted at the age of seven many times by Allen and she even wrote a letter about it which came out around 2014 and is posted on The New York Times website. The things she said in the letter are just horrific and it’s something you’d never want anyone else to go through. Yet Woody Allen is still working in movies which shows that people are just covering it up. Which seems to be the big secret on how pedophila is the main problem in Hollywood. It’s not just stars, directors, or producers it’s the agents too and it can happen to anyone from women to men and even the child stars.

     Perhaps no one has really talked about it because they are too afraid to say anything that might get them in trouble or worry that people might not believe them or maybe they have a big business and don’t want it being ruined. With the type of money these people in Hollywood have, they could get away with anything they please.