“We can control our weather”


Geostorm hit theaters Oct 11

Cassiana Pozzi, Editor-in-Chief

     What is a geostorm? A geostorm is one large natural disaster, or a series of disasters, all caused by weather patterns that form around the entire globe. Seems like a pretty good concept, a good enough concept that they decided to make it into a film. Geostorm hit theaters last Friday with a $13.3 million opening. The reviews that surfaced about this new movie labeled it a cliche, comparing it to other doomsday films such as 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow. The common theme of “We warned everyone but nobody listened,” was reiterated, shedding light on the real fight between scientists and the government. This film couldn’t have come at a more ironic time for the U.S., considering we’ve had multiple hurricanes over the past couple months. So why exactly was Geostorm a “$100 million dollar loss”, which is a prediction already being made by box office results.

     In this future world, Earth had faced apocalyptic-styled disasters, caused by a chaotic climate. And the first proposed idea to solve these problems? Satellites that control all weather patterns. Jake Lawson, played by Gerard Butler, leads a group of scientists who create Dutch Boy, a global network of geosynchronous satellites that prevent storms, surprisingly, by lasers. But the control is completely in the government’s hands, which obviously turns out to be the biggest mistake. Jack’s brother, Max, played by Jim Sturgess, is the first to suspect the government of wrongdoing and running a shady scheme. And that is when everyone starts to realize the dangers of controlling weather, which should have been a proposed problem in the first place, but it is up to Jack and Max to kill the Dutch Boy systems before one big geostorm wreaks havoc over the entire globe.

     The disaster flick has, overall, brought in $67 million worldwide, making it a real loss to Warner Bros. who put $120 million into the project. The film saved itself by giving viewers a realistic image using spectacular visual effects. But nothing makes up for the fact that the film followed the plot of other films and tried emphasizing a point that has already been thrown at our faces countless times. It was a good effort to raise more awareness, but a Warner Bros. movie isn’t going to change minds, especially when the film involves lasers shooting hurricane clouds into nothing.