Halloween Carnival

Mariana Cardoso, Reporter

       The Halloween Carnival this year will be on Monday, October 30th from 5pm to 7pm in the Cafeteria, where kids are welcome to come play, have fun and earn candy. This is one of the few events being held this year for the kids of the community by the clubs and Sport teams of Belvidere North. Children accompanied by parents are welcome to come to the Carnival wearing their Halloween costumes. Admission cost is only one dollar per person this year.

       Every Club and Sport team was encouraged  to participate by being provided a booth in which they can set up a game or any type of station they’ll like. This year is one of the rare occasions in which most of the fall sport team will be present, since in past years they couldn’t because fall sports usually end around the time the Carnival comes around. The clubs and teams can either put up a game or a crafting station, but in past years the kids usually tend to be drawn in by the games more.

       Some of the booths will also have something to relax like the choir board is putting up a projector for the kids to watch a movie. Most of the sports are planning on making a game for the kids. Varsity poms will include balloons in their game. Green club has mentioned bringing in a bowling set for the kids.

       “We aren’t going to show a full movie movie for the kids, we’re going to be showing short films like charlie brown so they don’t get bored easily. We want to be able to give them a break to relax from playing games,” said Jaqueline Garcia (20).

       The prophets made by the Carnival are usually spent on school related things but this year the prophets will be going to Kids Around the World and helping Hurricane relief. The Carnival has proven to be a success in the past due to bringing in so many kids. The cost is normally around a dollar making affordable for anyone to come and enjoy the carnival. It’s a fun time where kids can play, dress up and see the other kids also wearing costumes.