Jobs as a Teenager


Hannah Cunningham

   In the city of Belvidere and Rockford people are always looking for jobs and summer jobs. Many students look to only work in the summer, earning money they can save or spend throughout the rest of the year.

     Many students work part-time over the summer in jobs most common teenagers would have. For example, fast food restaurants, grocery stores, lifeguarding a pool, shopping stores and many more. Many places hiring around Belvidere are McDonalds, Applebees, Aldi, KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell.

     Enrolled in school and sports means a person might not have as much time to carry sports, homework, friends and family, and a job all by themselves. But, if a person is looking for something to do after school and needs money, a part time job is the way to go.

     “This summer I worked at the Rivets Baseball Stadium at the front desk, I checked people in and gave them tickets to the game. I enjoyed working with everyone there, they were super nice and around my age so we got along great and loved the job,” said Hunter Dixon(‘18).

     As many kids at Belvidere North work together and only have seasonal jobs, many also work during the school year to earn money and gain responsibility.

     “During the fall I have always loved going to the apple Orchard with my family and friends, working there I was excited to not only be more involved in the season of fall, but be around all the good smelling food. Also, many people from school work with me so it is always nice to see familiar faces,” said Liv Sawyer (‘18).

     Looking for a job in the area might seem stressful at first but as a teenager many businesses are always hiring around the area. Start by asking friends and family and even going online to see who is hiring and what they are paying.