Playoff time at Belvidere North


Matt Belinson, Sports Editor

 All the hard work, the sweat, the tears and the intensity on and off the field have payed off. Belvidere North football will play in the first round of the IHSA playoffs on October 27 against NIC-10 opponents, Auburn.

     North fell in their conference matchup against the knights by a score of 15-8. North competed the whole game and feel they can do that more effectively on Friday.

     “We all knew we should have beat them, and we now have players back who are crucial in playing a tough opponent like Auburn,” said Callahan Diercks (‘18).

      Diercks spoke on something that the team has hung their hats on leading into this matchup. North played the Knights without 6 key players on defense and offense. Cruz Garza didn’t play A-back, Adrian and Trevon Howard are a few players who are a boost in their respective positions.

     “The whole idea of bringing back immense talent for a playoff game gives us even more confidence,” said Mason Stringini (‘18).

       The Knights only lost one game all season and North will look to put away a tough conference opponent in the first round and play on, in front of their fans for the last time in 2017. If North gets a win, they will come back home to play in front of their own fans. North’s highest playoff round is the third round in 2012.

     “If we fight harder than them, we will win,” said Diercks (‘18).