Where are seniors applying?


Burke Cochran, Editorials Editor

Early Action and Early Decisions are programs in which seniors that are already confident with their college choices can get a response early. Several Students at North have been considering their options, and are already confident about the Universities they wish to attend.

Katelyn Savage (‘18) is applying to Guangxi Normal in Guilin, China. After studying abroad in China her sophomore year, Katelyn is excited to get a more international oriented education.

“I loved the experience of living and China and it’d be cool to go back,” says Savage.

She plans to major in either sociology or psychology, and is also applying to Purdue, and Roosevelt University.

Kate OtengBediako (‘18) is applying to MIT, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

“I visited the school and I loved the way it was set up. They have it so it’s interdisciplinary and you can learn a little of everything you’re interested in,” says OtengBediako.

She is planning on going into synthetic biology. She also plans to apply to Georgetown, Cornell, Harvard, with her backup school being Bradley in Peoria.

Leah Hoffman (‘18) is applying to several Virginia-area schools.

“I love Virginia. It’s pretty and warm, and close enough to DC that I could get an internship on the hill.”

Hoffman plans to major in Political Science. She is applying early decision to Washington and Lee University in Lexington City, Virginia. She’s also applying to the University of Virginia, George Mason University, and the College of William and Mary.