North Improv: ” You know you want to!”

North Improv:  You know you want to!

Sofi Zeman, Features Editor

Belvidere North is a school that showcases its student’s creativity through the arts. Improv is a popular club at North where members of the theater department can put on performances without having to be under the spotlight of a stage.

     Last Tuesday night, the school’s improv team put on a show in the cafeteria. The night prior to this, the group met and discussed advertisement strategies. The goal was to motivate the student body to come out to the show and show their support for the arts. They wanted to do something no one had done before. They wanted to make a statement. They wanted to be bold.

     Well, a statement was surely made.

     On Tuesday morning, students arrived to school as usual. The busses unloaded their usual hustle and bustle. It seemed to be a perfectly average day. But, something was different. It was the locker bays. Nearly every locker in each bay had a post-it note on it. From afar, you could only see the sexual comments on them. Various innuendos decorated the halls of Belvidere North like lights on a Christmas tree. It was only when the reader of said note was close to their locker that they could see it. In small letters, each one read, “Now that I have your attention, come to Improv.”

     As intended, the notes became the talk of the school. In every class, someone was talking about it. In every hallway, a note was passed from one to another. On Snapchat stories, Twitter, Facebook- everyone was talking about these notes.

     That was the goal of the endeavor, to spark something in the student body. To make them wonder, “What is Improv?” It worked. The students were curious. At the show Tuesday night, the Improv show had a substantially larger audience outcome than ever before.

      “It was great to see how the student body responded to the notes. I was glad to see the turnout of our show,” said an anonymous member of the Improv team.