Dealing with stress in school

Dealing with stress in school

Natalie Abramat, News editor

 Teenagers deal with so many difficult things and to add on top of that, the grueling sports, the additional homework and friendships that you have to try and maintain. Anxiety has become a huge issue amongst teens in the united states and there is a huge and obvious reason for that. Over the years, one may lose friendships, fail tests and sometimes people lose loved ones in life.

     Before high school,  students sit in their middle school desk, fantasizing about being out of jr. high and hitting it with the older kids. When they finally get to high school, the fears suddenly become reality. The stress has never been more real than this. School is always told in different stories, by different people. Everyone has different experiences. Sometimes there’s gonna be sun shining days and then others will be thunderstorms with lightning beating down. Freshman year can be the worst year, having to adjust to a big environment and the teachers are beating you with packets. It’s great, not.

     However, there are always ways to try and beat the anxiety and stress A great way to relax anxiety is to meditate and think of the situation calmly and peacefully. When a person can clear their minds and think of what they need to do without freaking, allows a person’s brain to become open. Same thing applies to stress. Taking time to re- evaluate the situation that could be easily solved will allow cognitive motor skills in the brain to work more effectively. People have also used essential oils. Mrs. Endress, a math teacher in our school, uses essential oils in her classroom to help her students think. Essential oils are different for everyone. Trying them won’t hurt a person, but it could be useful if it works on a person’s mind. Meditation is also a great way to allow the brain to refocus.

     Anxiety can’t always be avoided, but if all possible, solve the problem as soon as possible to avoid a panic attack. If the homework the teacher is assigning is too much, emailing them and letting them know can allow them to give a person more time to do their work. After all, teachers have struggled before, they used to be students, so they understand some of the struggles teenagers go through.