Halloween Costumes

Hannah Cunningham

     This year for Halloween marks a new year to show creativity and interest towards your costume. Many people have chosen their costume from popular Netflix and TV shows and others have created their costume ideas from books, toys, actors and actresses, famous people, and local ideas.

     Completing the costume is the hardest part for most people. Many stores offer the full package of the costume, while others offer pieces of the costume you have to match together. But, if you are a creative person making your entire costume may be a cheap and fun way to go.

     Some popular Netflix shows and movies people recreated were Moana, Stranger Things, IT, Wonder Woman, Star Wars, Rick and Morty, Scooby Doo, Grey’s Anatomy, Mean Girls, The Flintstones, and many more.

    This year for Halloween the Belvidere North Cheer team had a Halloween themed cheer practice. Many dresses up as athletes, Disney characters, and other fun characters. “As my last year attending the Halloween themed cheer practice I went as a Purdue Cheerleader. Next year I hope to cheer at that school to further my career in the sport, said Liv Sawyer (‘18).

     Another sport that shared the Halloween spirit was the girls Swimming and Diving team. “As my second year my sister and I went as characters from the cast of Mean Girls. A couple others were dressed in footie pajamas and they had to jump in the pool, I thought they were going to drown, said Mykahla Gavina (‘18).

     Thinking of costumes may be hard, but once you see what everyone else was, you may be thinking you wish you had that costume. If that were the case get a head start on next year and start planning your costume out a couple months before.