ABCs ‘The Good Doctor’

ABCs The Good Doctor

Rachel Nelson, Reporter

ABC’s new hit drama, The Good Doctor, follows the life of a surgical resident named Dr. Shaun Murphy, played by Freddie Highmore. The kick, he has diagnosed autism and savant syndrome.

In episode one, aired on September 25, 2017, Murphy is on his way to a job interview at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital when he runs into a medical emergency at the airport. A young boy had been injured, and Murphy’s perspective on the world helped him save the boy’s life.

Dr. Aaron Glassman (Richard Schiff), president of the hospital, is trying to convince the board that Murphy is a good candidate to become a surgical resident. The board doesn’t believe him because the Murphy has autism. When they bring Murphy in for the interview, they ask him why he wants to be a surgeon. His answer is what gets him the job at the hospital.

This series, aired on Monday nights after The Voice, is a fantastic look into what a person with autism lives like, and how they deal with things. It shows how someone with savant syndrome thinks and how a person with autism deals with emotions.

“The Good Doctor is a really good show. The main character is from another show Bates Motel that I used to watch, so that is why I decided to start the series. I’d definitely recommend it to someone who is into medical shows,” said Hannah Konkler (‘18).

This show is easy for people with autistic family members to relate to, and that’s probably what is making it such a hit. The show has 11.5 million views, and a rating average of 2.4 from adults 18-24. It has a 8.5/10 IMDb

This show is really good inspiration to anyone with autism because it shows that their disability can’t hold them back from doing what they want to do.

Other actors starring in this show include: Antonia Thomas, Nicholas Gonzales, Hill Harper, Beau Garrett, Tamlyn Tomita and Chuku Modu.

Since it’s release, there have been five episodes to air. The Good Doctor signed an 18 episode season contract with ABC, so fans can expect to see much more coming from the cast.