Hawkins vs The Shadow Monster


Netflix released Stranger Things 2 on October 27

Cassiana Pozzi, Editor-in-Chief

When Stranger Things first aired on Netflix, nobody expected it to become the talk of the internet and an academy award winner. And just last Friday, Stranger Things season two was released with nine new episodes, bringing back popular characters while bringing in some fresh, new faces. Max, played by Sadie Sink, is the new girl at Hawkins Middle School who joins forces with Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will, and her older step brother Billy, played by Dacre Montgomery, who plays the role of a stereotypical high school bully. Another new character who deserves a special mention is Bob, played by Sean Astin, is Joyce’s new boyfriend that does everything in his power to protect Joyce and Will. But other than that, the famous group of boys are reintroduced along with, a now curly haired, telekinetic 13 year old.

Moving onto the episodes themselves, the new storyline was uniquely twisted with an even more dynamic plot and writers did a great job at developing characters, along with evenly distributing dialogue to all the characters. Some characters really stood out this season. Dustin Henderson, played by Gaten Matarazzo, had a much larger role and had a good amount of comedic one liners. Another very memorable character is Steve Harrington, played by Joe Keery, who took on the role of looking after all the kids, which helped form the internet’s new favorite duo between him and Dustin. The main concept that the new season runs on follows Will and his recuperation and visions he has of the Upside Down, the dark parallel universe he was stuck in last season. But are they just his imagination? A new monster is introduced, the Thessalhydra, renamed the Shadow Monster, can be seen in Will’s imagination towering over Hawkins. But he can’t stop it on his own. While this is going on, Eleven is on a journey of her own, trying to find her real mother. A certain plotline from last season is reintroduced, which answers a lot of questions about Eleven, her days in Brenner’s laboratory and how she wasn’t the only gifted child. Another important plot point is Dustin’s new pet that he finds in his trash can one night, and let’s just say it’s definitely not what he thinks it is. All of these different events lead up to an action packed ending with all the characters fighting to save the town, and more importantly, Hawkins Middle School Snowball Dance.

     The season had a few plot holes, it wasn’t perfect, but for second season it certainly kept audiences wanting more. Luckily for fans, the cast and crew will most likely be returning for a third season. The unfortunate part is that the Shadow Monster has yet to be defeated completely and won’t be until 2019.