JFK files released


Kaylee Bowman, Reporter

The FBI has recently been authorized to release the files on John F. Kennedy’s assassination which were previously withheld. The Bureau said the files will be released on a rolling basis throughout the weeks to come.

Last week, President Donald Trump delayed the release of an unknown number unauthorized documents while allowing for the release of dozens of new documents about the 1963 assassination. The White House has responded to the actions of the POTUS by commenting that his actions were controlled by the request of the FBI and CIA.

The FBI commented that the remaining files had names of people involved in the shooting and their lives may be at stake if their identities are released. The bureau said it would make every effort to lift those redactions going forward.

There are a few highlights from the files that were released including The CIA mulled mafia hits on the Cuban President Fidel Castro, someone called the FBI threatening to kill Lee Harvey Oswald a day before Oswald’s murder, and the US examined sabotaging airplane parts heading to Cuba. All of these events lead up to the assassination of President Kennedy on that fall afternoon in 1963.  

The papers also furthered conspiracy theorists points on Adolf Hitler’s death. A couple of the notes within the files claim that Hitler escaped to South America. A CIA operative, known by the moniker  “CIMELODY-3”, reported back to Washington in 1955, that he received a note that Hitler was still alive. He claimed that Hitler was living among Nazi expatriates who still referred to him as “der Furher.” The files expanded upon the idea of Hitler’s escape, but the CIA said people should focus their efforts on more current political events.

“It is felt that enormous efforts (spent trying to confirm the rumors) could be expanded on this matter with remote possibilities of establishing anything concrete,” said a CIA official, “Therefore, we suggest that this matter be dropped.”

The government is not too concerned with the released files due to their previous knowledge of what they contain. Although they feel that way, people continue to be fascinated by their contents.