Senior Quotes

Senior Quotes

Hayley Redner, Reporter

     As the yearbook class is putting together this year’s yearbooks, a major conflict the students are having is whether or not they want to put senior quotes or signatures under the senior pictures. Bella Kehrer(‘18), head of the yearbook class, came up with the idea of putting in the students’ signatures instead of the quotes and this has caused some controversy. Bella says, “We wanted to change things up this year since senior quotes haven’t ever gone over well. Not many students turn in quotes and it ends up leading to us picking quotes for students. We’re looking into options for this years book and even if it doesn’t  end up being senior quotes the senior section still will be good.”

     The main issue with the quotes is the majority of the students don’t turn in their quotes by the deadline, so over half of the senior class doesn’t have anything under their name or the yearbook staff chooses random quotes for the students, taking up a lot of time. This makes the yearbook look unprofessional and plain. If all the students just turned in their signature it adds more detail to the book and this way everyone will have something personalized under their senior year picture. The only problem with the signatures is that it will take way too much time to get a signature from every single senior and get it put into the yearbook pages.

     In my opinion, I would be fine with either of the two options and could find a quote to turn in by the deadline. Grace Kahler(‘18) agrees and says, “I would be okay with finding a quote to put under my senior picture, but the signature idea isn’t bad and it’s a lot easier so the students that put together the yearbook would get it all done faster because it’s a lot simpler.”

    Either way the yearbook will be finished and look great, just have to wait to see what the yearbook staff decides to do for this issue.