Drumming the way to Disney

Drumming the way to Disney

Natalie Abramat, News Editor

A student from Belvidere North has qualified for NAfME nationals this year for music. Alex Cooper, drum major for North’s band, is headed down to Disney World later this month. NAfME is an organization for music students that offer workshops, scholarships, conferences and other various things that can improve a student’s music ability. In the past, North has had several students go to state and national events for music. Two years ago, Olivia Albrecht, who recently graduated, made state choir and then qualified for national choir. It is very rare, but is certainly possible.

     “I had printed out the audition music a week before the video auditions were due. I managed to learn it all in a week and turned in the videos last minute which is definitely a feat in itself. I hope I get to ride all the Disney rides and play at the highest rank a high school musician can play,” said Alex Cooper (‘18).

     Cooper talked about graduation and the possibility of pursuing a music education. He also discussed about joining the NAfME program later as well.

     “There are only 5 students in Illinois attending this event and it’s crazy to think I’m one of them. I hope I will enjoy this even more than All-State.”

     In order to qualify for state and National there are multiple stages a musician must do in order to achieve this high honor. First, they have to choose what section they would like to go into. There is Jazz Band, Choir, Junior and Senior level, etc. They are apart of the ILMEA district music festivals. Once they find out what section they want to go into, they chose a part. There are multiple parts for different sections. Alto, Tenor or Soprano are all various parts performed in an ensemble. They then audition and practice music until the district festival. If they do well enough in their audition, they can be put into the state choir. At State, they can re- audition for Nationals.

     “Alex is one of my best friends and I love him to death! He is such an amazing and talented musician. I’m so incredibly proud of him for making it to Nationals. I know he’ll do great and have so much fun,” said Anna Karl (‘20).

      Over the summer Cooper had received the news that he had made it. Along with a Go-Fund-Me account and some students from North, Cooper is now able to attend the trip with the financial aid he was able to receive.