Go Make Yourselves Proud

Go Make Yourselves Proud

Emily Wendlandt, reporter

     “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” -John F Kennedy

    November 11 of every year is set in place to honor and recognize the men and women that devote their lives for our country; providing freedom, peace of mind, and patriotism to the American people. As this day marches towards the present, students at Belvidere North each year are given the opportunity to listen to and honor veterans, as they share the stories of their triumphs. As the Belvidere North Band plays each military hymn, veterans stand; each one proud, each one standing strong.

     The annual Veteran’s day assembly at Belvidere North brings in veterans to be recognized. We are reminded of what this day means to the country and its origins. Military hymns are played by the school band and students enrolled in the military are also recognized. Each year, however, students are presented with a veteran to speak out to the school. Sharing their experience as a part of the military; giving students a chance to listen to a true hero.

     General Borling, a vietnam veteran, spoke to the students of Belvidere North, sharing stories, his victories, triumphs and advice. Witnessing such an inspiration was a moment these students will carry with them for lifetimes to come. “Hearing General Borling speak and share his life lessons only increase my desire to pursue a military career after high school… He speaks from the heart and has carved the path for what it means to be a good American,” said Christopher Winters (18’).

     Borling touched the hearts of many, as he began to give us the backstory of his days in the military. A true hero, Borling served his country, was a Vietnam war prisoner for six years, worked in the white house, met and befriended the men from the Apollo moon mission and even sat in a room with J.F.K and Jackie Kennedy on their wedding night. Students laughed, cried and cheered; all in awe of the man of the hour, Mr. General Borling. After all was said, Borling had a couple things to take away from his speech: we are blessed Americans, and we should kiss the ground we are able to walk on, that to thank veterans isn’t just to say “thank you” but to show it, and that in order to live life with meaning, you must go and make yourselves proud. When asked about his experience public speaking to students across the United States, Borling stated, “I’m afraid of a hard audience. I remembered when I was young and I remember what it took to make me listen. It takes a different kind of man to impact youths.”

     Veterans Day: To honor and to recognize the soldiers of our country. Take that day as a reminder of the blessings and to thank the heroes whose bravery and courage allowed you to have those blessings in the first place. Happy Veteran’s Day and god bless this beautiful country.