Haters Back Off


Cindy Oyervides, Editor

      After a successful first season, season two of the Netflix original called Haters Back Off was released on Oct. 20. Haters Back Off is a show based off of the Youtube character named Miranda Sings which was created by Colleen Ballinger.

      “Colleen managed to create Miranda and made the character really funny and enjoyabl,”said Priscila Chavez(19’).   

      Ballinger has several successful Youtube channels. Her main channel, PsychoSoprano, has over 5 million subscribers and her Miranda Sings account has over 8 million, which has really helped her gain enough support to release a second season of Haters Back Off.

      Season one of Haters Back Off ended on an emotional cliffhanger, leaving fans eager for more. Miranda got into a fight with her family and sabotaged all the relationships she had with them. In the first episode of season two, Miranda works to fix everything she ruined in season one. She relies on her family for support and love which she struggled to get right away because of the way she treated them in season one. Miranda’s uncle, Jim, has tried helping Miranda achieve fame through his five-phase plan. She loved the idea in season one but by the end, she hated it; in season two, she becomes excited when he reveals a new plan he has for her rise to fame.

      Miranda’s sister, Emily, got in a huge fight with Miranda in season one which continues into season two. She becomes angry with Miranda because Miranda is very selfish and doesn’t pay any attention to what’s going on around her. Miranda’s mom is diagnosed with kidney disease and Miranda donates one of hers to her mother after Emily yells at her for her lack of awareness. Patrick is Miranda’s neighbor, friend and her boyfriend. He’s always been her biggest supporter and has loved her for several years. In season one, they begin dating but Miranda tries getting with another guy and this ruins their relationship. In season two, they get back together only to have Miranda ruin the relationship again, but this time Patrick finds another girl to date.

      Season two is all about Miranda mending her mistakes, creating new ones and learning to be her true self despite the negative feedback from others. There’s drama that rolls over from season one that tests her ability to handle difficult situations and shows the viewers how quickly you can mend your mistakes just by apologizing. If you’re looking for an oddly hysterical and interesting show, than Haters Back Off is a great choice.