Chromebooks for the class of 2019

Chromebooks for the class of 2019

Kaylee Bowman, Reporter

The long wait is officially over, well almost over. The seniors of North’s 2019 class are receiving Chromebooks next year. They have been deprived of gaining this technological advantage for quite some time, while all the grades below them become technology savvy. I suppose it could be said that the ground between upper and lower classman is finally being leveled out.

There are quite a few pros and cons to this adjustment in learning. First of all, Chromebooks will cause the school to pay out more money. This could cause lack of other supplies that go towards student-run clubs and sports unless they fundraise, but as most know that doesn’t raise much money. Due to this, prices could go up when joining a club or a sport. Yes, our school is well off compared to others, but most of our kids won’t be able to participate in these school functions including homecoming if the ticket prices go up. Although there is a significant deficit within the school budget, there are positives to next year’s seniors gaining the use of Chromebooks.

Most classrooms within America are turning to technology-based learning. So far it has proved to be sufficient in raising the GPA’s of high school students. The use of computers or handheld devices a classroom or at home increases the productivity of students. It enables them to have the power of learning in their own hands 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This could help raise North’s achievements within academics and provide a new based learning outlet for kids who have trouble focusing or simply do not care to learn.

Providing kids with computers will also help equal out social classes. It may seem like a small change, but it is significant for kids that are unable to access the internet at home. Teenagers are often secretive about their home life if it is not the best environment and do not seek out extra help from teachers or counselors. This allows them to contact their teachers for extra help on assignments and to get in touch with their counselor if they’re having problems. This also goes for kids with anxiety that do not like talking in person. It gives them an outlet to speak privately without actually talking. Most young adults feel safer talking over the internet than face to face.

The pros outweigh the cons. The seniors should be allowed Chromebooks. It will help North’s young adults in more ways than one. The school has many boosters and sponsors that can help with the money, but for now, the teachers should learn how to incorporate computers into their classrooms.