Rockford Police Death


Priscila Chavez, Reporter

     This week a local Rockford police officer died along with another man in a tussle at a traffic stop and a car crash two blocks away early Sunday morning. The 30 year old, Jaimie Cox had been on the force for less than a year and started around December of 2016. To pass away at a young age sadeness the community and his peers. He was a Hononegah high school graduate and had previously worked for Illinois Department of Natural Resources’ Law Enforcement Division and had served in the U.S. Army National Guard.

     Police state that officer Cox around 1 am made a traffic stop near Dawn Avenue and East State Street and at some point during that time a scuffle started between the driver of that car and Cox. Chief O’Shea says he became entangled with the man’s pickup truck then proceeding by a car crash that eventually lead him into critical condition then taken to OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center and later pronounced dead at the hospital of blunt force trauma. His body was taken to Fitzgerald Funeral home and his death is being ruled as a homicide.

     “It really is sad for someone to die at a young age also with him being on the force for such little time and it kinda shows how dangerous Rockford can get,” said Mariana Cardoso  (‘19)

     The driver of the vehicle was Eddie Patterson, 49 and he also died along with Cox the same morning. The cause of his death was a gunshot likely being fired from Cox during the incident.

     Patterson’s and Cox’s use of force is under investigation by the Winnebago and Boone Integrity Task Force. More details are to be released soon.

     “People have the right to mourn. Obviously it’s a sad thing when a person passes so soon, especially under those circumstances. Rockford is like any other city. It has it’s good sides and it’s bad; the bad just takes over too much of the already small population,” said Georgie Rodriguez (‘19)

     While the occurrence was happening people lined the streets of Rockford and were waving flags in order to show their support for the force. Also in honor of Jaime Cox the theme for the football game on Saturday at Milt Brown Stadium will be blue. There will also be a fundraiser sponsoring a Miracle Minute, held at the game and all the donations will go directly to the family of Jaimie Cox.