Are guns the real problem?

Are guns the real problem?

Natalie Abramat, News editor

Over the years, the rate of gun violence has been on the rise, causing more death and pain. The lefts and rights have argued over this very topic since the beginning of time. This topic can cause a person’s blood to boil. But, the matter of where the problem lies is called into question.

     A recent shooting of a small baptist church in Texas has caused a heated debate whether guns should be banned or not completely. However, Texas is a conceal and carry state and after the gunman fled the scene, an armed citizen followed the shooter and shot him. This very reason is why Texas is a conceal and carry state. It is sad that it had to be used in this way, but it saved many lives that could have been put in danger.

     As frustrating as it is, the facts don’t show guns as the issue. The shooters who have committed these crimes, have had some recent mental issues or had issues with the law in the past as seen in the Sandy hook, Virginia tech, San Ysidro, and University of Texas tower.

     Guns may kill a person, but the criminal’s mind and planning is just as deadly as the weapon itself. Many people blame the NRA for their lack of gun control in the states, but guns aren’t always the problem. The problem is that people, who have mental issues or have come into contact with the law, are getting away with purchasing guns and using them incorrectly. The most recent killing in Texas with the baptist church, the killer had sent text messages to his grandmother in law talking about how he hated her and those of religious standards.

     People who have mental issues or have a tolerance of violence, need to be watched more carefully. Violence and death can always be prevented if people are more observant in the people they hang out with and the environment in which they live in.

     Regarding the Baptist church shooting, it is something that could have been prevented. The grandmother knew that her grandson hated people of religion and texted her prior to the church service that morning. Though of course, nobody would have thought they were going to be killed just because a threatening message. They may have not taken it seriously.

     It is very sad and frustrating to see more peoples lives taken, innocently by gun violence, but the only way to stop it, is not to ban guns, but to be armed in knowledge, prevention awareness, and knowing what to do if a shooter was trying to hurt people. Heart disease, suicide and cancer are more likely to kill a person, rather than being shot, but it doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen. There are lots of dangers in this world, but getting shot is less likely to happen.