Belvidere North rewards students for info leading to an arrest or suspension


Camille Spencer, Reporter

Belvidere North, the school with the best student section, great classes, great academics, and great opportunities…is what the school would describe themselves as. Some students would tend to agree, but other students not so much. To top it off, Belvidere North also has added a new poster to plaster on the hallways for students to see. But it’s not a picture of students having a great time participating in what North has to offer, which are all over the school. It’s not a poster to inform students about upcoming events, but rather a poster that has made students react very differently to, but everyone seems to notice it.

The poster was put up in the halls a couple of weeks ago and everyone seems to know about it. The poster says the following “Receive up to $200 Cash for your information of criminal activity that leads to a suspension or arrest.” That’s right, Belvidere North will pay you for turning your peers in. The “motto” for this poster is See it… Report it…Get rewarded. The school hasn’t realized how much of an effect this has on the students here though. The school also fails to  realize the things that go on outside of school. Let’s say that a student tells on another student for “criminal activity,” and the student gets suspended or arrested. Somehow, everyone always finds out who told on somebody. If word were to get out about who told on the student, the student that had gotten suspended for it might be mad enough to want to physically hurt the student who told. In all honesty, it could happen, the school may not think so, but most of the students know. This poster has already been trouble for a couple students.

About a week ago, a student had claimed that they had seen another student stealing something out of someone’s bag. The student did end up getting suspended. The student informed the school about the situation and got $100 for the other students suspension. Now, what if someone was accused of the wrong thing? They’ll be  sitting at home missing out on their education, and the student who told is being labeled as a “snitch”, and a “tattle-tale.”

The school has its good intentions for this poster though, and it will keep a lot of students from doing something they shouldn’t be doing at school, but is this really the way to do it ? It may be a good attempt, but there are more negatives than positives.

So how well is this poster really going to work out? Students who tell will have a name for themselves, students will be wrongly accused, and some students might even be threatened because of this. At the same time, students who are doing something they shouldn’t be at school will get their correct punishment and hopefully learn their lesson. What do the student’s have to say about this ?