Hollywood Harassment

Hollywood Harassment

Hayley Redner, Reporter

    Almost every day new allegations have been made against powerful men in various industries. Prominent actors and actresses have come forward with accusations that put Hollywood A-Listers in the spotlight. As time goes on, it is said that the list will undoubtedly keep growing. The following are just a few cases CNN reported on.

    Harvey Weinstein, a powerful movie producer, has three decades worth of sexual harassment and unwanted physical contact accusations made against him by a number of women. This includes actress Ashley Judd. he denied any acts of nonconsensual sex. He was later fired from his own firm company and his wife left him.

    In 1986 actor Kevin Spacey was said to have made a sexual advance on actor Anthony Rapp at a house party. He later came out as a gay man. Spacey was 26 and Rapp 14 at the time. Many say his sexuality had nothing to do with possible sexual assault to a minor. Spacey stars on the Netflix show “House of Cards” and Netflix announced that season 6 will be its final one.

     Grace Kahler(‘18) says, “It’s sad that these men possibly get falsely accused of these things, but if the women are telling the truth then the men definitely need to pay the price. Sexual harassment isn’t something to joke around about.” If the amount of accusations keeps increasing, something needs to be done to stop it.

    Hollywood screenwriter and director James Toback was accused of sexual assault by many women. The women claim Toback would lure them into hotel rooms as interviews or auditions then the meetings would quickly turn into sexual nature. Hannah Johnson(‘18) says, “If this was ever to happen to me, I would definitely tell someone right away.” Although Toback denies ever meeting these women, there’s no way to be sure now. The accusations will just continue to be made.