Belvidere North presents “Shrek the Musical”


Camille Spencer, Reporter

Everyone knows the tale of “Shrek”, an Ogre living in a swamp in solitude and a bunch of fairy tale creatures show up to the swamp uninvited. The creatures explained how the evil Lord Farquaad had banished them from the land, so Shrek sets off to find Lord Farquaad. Once he does, Lord Farquaad makes a deal with Shrek. If Shrek can rescue the princess Fiona, he will have his swamp back to himself. So Shrek sets off with the help of his new friend, Donkey, who he had met not too long before and rescues the princess and eventually falls in love with her. Fiona eventually feels the same, and in the end, Shrek finds out Fiona’s darkest secret. After the secret is revealed, Shrek and Fiona have a fairytale ending, the Lord Farquad is defeated, and the creatures were saved and Shrek and Fiona  lived happily ever after.

Belvidere North is happy to announce that they will be putting on “Shrek the Musical.” Now this version of Shrek is almost the exact same, just with different twists. For example, in the musical, the story begins with Shrek as a seven year old Ogre. His parents kick him out of the house because that’s what happens to all Ogres at the age of seven. Shrek sets off and finds a swamp to live in. Now mostly everything is same from that point except we get to see Fiona in her tower, from when she was a little girl, a teenager, and finally an adult. She performs her infamous “I know it’s today” song.

Tryouts for this musical were held on November 7 and November 8. The roles were posted the next day. The lead of the musical is Danny Mancini (18’), who plays Shrek. Mancini said,

“I think the show is gonna turn out really well I am excited to be able to be apart of the musical.”

The show will be held at Belvidere High School on February 8, 9, and 10. Showtimes are from 7:00 8:00 P.M. on the 8 and 9. February 10, the show will be held at 2:00 P.M. to 3:00 P.M. Make sure to check it out !