Senior Boys Basketball


Hannah Konkler, Reporter

The boys basketball team had their tryouts last week, and only two seniors from a team that won conference their freshman year came out for the team. This seems to be an ongoing issue with the basketball program. Last year at the varsity level there were only two seniors that finished the season. North had eight juniors on the varsity team last season but 75% of those players have decided not to play their senior season.

Some of the reasons why the seniors didn’t decide to tryout may be because they don’t agree with the team’s philosophy, they are tired of losing, and that they just don’t have any motivation for the sport anymore. Some athletes may also be trying to focus on another sport. Some of the top juniors from last season are top level athletes in other sports and may be focusing on attaining a scholarship in that sport. Senior year is also a year many students are working and this may be a reason why numbers are low.

“The main reason most of the boys aren’t playing this year is because they wanted to focus on baseball instead of basketball,” said Sebastian Gutierrez (’18).

“I am just pretty much sick of playing and always doing the same thing at practice. We never learned anything new at practice and would always just get the L,” said Marco Yates (‘18).

The players are pretty much just unhappy with the results  even though they always work hard to improve. The team last year had a 5-28 record.

“Marco and I have both been on varsity since sophomore year and didn’t learned anything new on the varsity level,” said Evan Waddell (‘18).

Coach Piper said, “I know that the last couple seasons have been difficult and it’s unfortunate that the guys didn’t want to stick with the team, but I understand some of the reasons they didn’t go out for the team.”

Last year the MVP of the team was senior Corbin Gustafson. This year he even decided not to play. He said, “I am just tired of playing. The team has a low morale now and it is not fun like it used to be.”

Overall, we are all hoping the boys have a good season this year. Even though the team is made up of younger players, they can still be competitive. North does have two returning starters this season which will be looked at to lead this young team. This is an issue that does need to be addressed by the players, parents, and fans in order to ensure North is competitive in the NIC-10. Unfortunately, North only has three juniors in the program this season so they will be young for a few years. On a positive note, North will be starting a number of sophomores this season and currently have seven sophomores on the varsity roster so the future for a 2020 season looks promising.