Nazi March In Warsaw


Cindy Oyervides, Editor

      On Nov. 11, citizens of Poland celebrated their country’s freedom; some stayed home, others gathered happily, and some went out and marched in support of a far-right group. This far-right group is what today is known as a group of neo-Nazis. Neo-Nazis are the wave of people after World War two who still continue to support ideas like racial cleansing. Poland still has people living in their country that are okay with believing in these negative things.

     Thousands marched in Warsaw preaching hate and discrimination. There were banners with lines such as: “White Europe”, “Pray for Islamic Holocaust” and “Europe Will Be White”.

      “It’s sad that these types of people still exist in this day and age…it’s terrible and shouldn’t be a thing that is just accepted,” said Kayla Polo(18’).

     Years ago, concentration camps were located in Poland and many of these protesters don’t even take that into consideration. Thousands died in the Holocaust and the people marching want more pain and suffering for other minorities. The crowd had a cloud of red smoke that surrounded them while they marched. In pictures, this created a very scary and intimidating feeling. Many people in the march also wore full face masks so that nobody would be able to tell who they are or would be able to expose them. These people are glad to go out and preach hate but don’t want to face the consequences of their actions.

     Hateful groups and movements much like this march have become more and more common. A handful of people don’t like to see progress and equality for minorities and only believe in the majority being at the top. Earlier this year in America, videos surfaced of people being targeted for speaking another language in a country that claims to be “the melting pot”. This racism and targeting of minorities has become so common in today’s society that most people don’t even get upset anymore.

      “The racism and hate all around the world is crazy, we all need to learn to be more considerate of people,”said Priscila Chavez(19’).

     While these types of things may not even slightly upset a handful of people, it’s become clear that as a society we need to change for the better and be more accepting of everyone.

     While Poland isn’t a hateful country, there are people living there that are. The message these people are sending don’t represent Poland but they do represent the hate found all over the world. This march along with many other things, show how much progress we still have to make. The president of Poland shamed those that participated in the march and made it clear that his country doesn’t associate with the hateful views of the neo-Nazi’s, but does support progress and acceptance.