Start of the bowling season

Start of the bowling season

Rachel Nelson, Reporter

Belvidere North’s bowling season is finally underway. The boys’ tryouts started on Oct. 23 and the girls’ were on Nov. 13.

Both teams have the NIC-10 Pre-Season Tournament coming up on Nov. 24. This tournament gives a glimpse into what the NIC-10 teams will look like and allows the teams to practice in a competitive environment before real matches begin.

“I think our season is going to be difficult being that we only have four returning varsity players. Although, we won’t be that bad, we just have a lot to improve on and be able to pick each other up,” said Kylie Johnson (‘18).

The returning varsity members for the girls team are: Johnson, Brynn Lambrecht (‘18), Rachel Nelson (‘20) and Camille Spencer (‘19). They have many new members that came out to tryouts. Some of the girls that make up the rest of North’s girl’s roster are:: Kalaya Smelter (‘20), Chelsey Recendez (‘19), Ihtzel Perez (‘20), Emily Fleury (‘19) and Danielle Vikre (‘19).

While they have a bunch of new girls this season, they lost three of their varsity bowlers due to graduation. That leaves them with needing to find a fifth and sixth bowler to fill in those empty varsity spots.

The girls team also has a new coach this season, Andrew Jensen, who works in the Pro-Shop inside Cherry Bowl.  He hasn’t had any chances for being a coach, but he is an All-Star member of the Rockford Hall of Fame. 

Justin Bragg (‘19), North’s only state qualifier last season, will be hoping to qualify for state once again. They also have a few new members from the freshmen and sophomore class that tried out. That gets them to a total of 20 bowlers, which is the max the team could have. The varsity members are: Bragg, Gabe Lord (‘20), Cal Taylor (‘20), Patrick Bender (‘20), Nole Hefty (‘21) and Jonathan Powell (‘19). 

The JV team for the boys is made up of nine sophomores, four freshmen and one junior. Both level’s coach is Stacy Sherman, who was also their coach last year. At their first tournament of the year, they started the day off well. The boys were in second place after the third game. When they came back after the lunch break, they didn’t bowl as well as they had hoped. They finished the day in eighth place. 

“In our first tournament, we started off good, but we fell apart during the second half. I think we just need to practice more and get things down with our game so we can keep up the good scores and bowl well in the rest of our tournaments,” said Bragg.