Kenneka Jenkins Connected To The Black Market?

Kenneka Jenkins Connected To The Black Market?

Priscila Chavez, Reporter

     Could this be a case of the black market organ trafficking? The donation of organs such as kidneys is very low and without any donations people who are in need of them can’t get them in time. So there is another way people get those organs they are in need of. It’s called the black market where an illegal traffic or trade is made. Many things can be sold on the black market things  such as, human body parts,cosmetics and plastic surgeries and even exotic pets and animals. With the selling of rare animals that will soon become extinct their value will be worth much more which is why you can find animals on the market.

     On September eight 19 year old Kenneka Jenkins left her home in her mother’s car with friends tagged along planning at first to go to a movie, plans later change and they end up going to a friends birthday party at Crowne Plaza Chicago O’hare Hotel and picked up some things on the way including: a bluetooth speaker, a bottle of Hennessy Cognac, a couple of energy drinks, and some marijuana Jenkin’s friends told the police. Around 1 am Jenkins arrived at the hotel with three other females. Later Surveillance footage showed Jenkins stumbling around the hotel from the elevator and through the hallways and showed her walking in the hotels kitchen but there was never footage of her exactly walking into the freezer.

     “That all sounds sketchy to me and I don’t think she could have gone in that freezer by herself when it clearly shows her struggling to even walk and there would be no reason for her to go in the kitchen.” said Mariana Cardoso (‘19)

     The victim’s mother wants to see footage of that happening to believe that her daughter opened that door to the walk in freezer and stayed there to die from hypothermia. Since this incident many conspiracy have floated around the internet and that’s where the black market comes in. People think that there’s no way she could have gone into the kitchen by herself and gotten inside the freezer when the freezer door is probably heavy and she can barely even walk. The conspiracy goes that someone was maybe leading Jenkins all the way towards the kitchen and put her in there to possibly preserve her organs in the freezer and later take them into the black market.

     “I think it’s suspicious that they don’t have any other videos of her besides the ones of her stumbling around the hallways because maybe the hotel is hiding something from the public and don’t want the situation to get any worse,” said Cynthia Oyervides (‘18).

      Others think the hotel even has something to do with it. A surveillance video shows a man carrying something in a black bag on a cart and speculations have suspected that its Jenkins body being carried from the unusual shape of the bag. When the photos were took when her body was discovered from the looks of it, it looks like pieces from the black trash bag on the floor and on her nails maybe from where her body was being carried and she tried to claw herself out. The pictures released of her body being found show jenkins having one of her shoes off with dirt on them, and her jacked ripped which shows that whoever put her in that freezer was struggling and Kenneka was trying to make out alive.